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Dusty und Benny

Cats are acompany us since nearly 2 decades.

Firstly Dusty came to us. You could say she picked us as her family by walking into our garden one day. That was the summer of 1989. She could not even be chased away by our dog Jonny. Back then she was just a bit over two handy-full. The veterinary estimated her age to 3 monthes. Further he diagnosted a umbilical hernia, wich had to be removed with an operation. Since that time she brought us very much joy. Today our old lady just loves to lie in the kitchens corner seat and is happy when someone comes to cuddel with her. In 1995 a friend of mine came up to me and asked, if I was interessted in another cat. Then, i visited Benny and his little sister. Benny instandly run towards me and cuddeled with me. You could say, it was love at first sight. At that point, Benny was 6 month old. And I could not resist, I took him home on the spot. The joy was immense as I walked in with that little black bundle. He had so much to give and all he wanted in return was to be loved back, and that we gave him a lot. At night he slept at the foot-end of my bed. At all times, he was always near me, exept he was out to hund mice. When he got sick in autum 2004, it was not easy for us. We had to take him to the veteriany very often. Nothing helped, it even got worse. Then, at the 6th may 05, i spoke free with my vetrianity. I did not want to torture Benny any longer. The step to release him was a very hard one. It hurt a lot and I felt guilty for a long time, asking myself, if something could have be done. For my family, too, it was a time of sorrow, so that I said no other animals would come into our house to soon. We still got our dusty. Well, in August 05 the time had come. My kids had convinced me. The only question was, where to get a kitten? A friend of mine had a litter of housecats. But because I said all the time "no new cat" they already were given away.

So I sat down in front of my PC and looked for cats for several weeks. I also read a lot, about several races, too, and came to the conclusion a sibirian cat would fit the best. After a few days I found the Cattery RivaRocci's. I instantly fell in love with the pictures of Anya. But she should to stay with her family. I have to confess, i was quite dissapointed. But looking back i can understand that. A few days later, i thought, i would be striked by an flash. There she was! A sibirian cat with the colour black at the Cattery of Mystic Koschka. As it was quite late that day, i had to await the next day in order to call. What a luck, Bibiana was still free! At the 11th 09. 05 we picked up our "Bibi", how we lovley call her. Since then she is our little sunshine. She will be, in opposite to our former cats, a pure indoor-cat.

Something to think about

Even if dusty is "only" a housecat, she is the the most expensive one of all. She was hit by an car at the age of 4 years in front of our house. Dusty had a complex bone-break in her back left thigh. This break had to be splintet within with a metal-plate. The operation with all after treatments already costed nearly 2000,-- DM. Bennys sickness, too, was very costintensiv.

Why do i tell you all this?

You should know, that animals costs a lot of money. Not only the acquirement and care. If pets get sick, it can get very expensiv. For that reason you should think very carefully, if you are willing and able to take that duty. You also should remember that a cat can get up to 25 years old.

Our "old Dusty" on her favorite place, the cornerbench in the Kitchen.
After a her long Illness we had to acompny Dusty over the Rainbowbridge last Summer. Dusty was 18 1/2 years old.