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Siberian Cats

Information about raising and hand over of our Kitten

The breeding of baby-cats

Our baby-cats grow up treasured in the middle of our family. The first 3 to 4 weeks they spent in the litter-box with their mum in our bedroom. That time they are mostly cared about by their mother. We only weight those cuties twice a day. If they should not gain weight propably, that could mean thier mother against all odds does not produce enough milk or something with their health is not ok. In that case, of course, they get the support from us they need. In close co-work with our veterarian, which visits us till the point of second vaccination, the kitten are looked after. That way can be garantied the babys are not surrendered by forgein germs. This is very importent as the little immune system does not work propably yet.

During the 3rd and 4th week of life our little sweethearts move into the playpen, surrounded with plexiglass, of my jungest daughter. It is placed in the livingroom. That way they learn much of the life in our family nearly from the beginning. Now, slowly, it is time for them to get visitors.

At about 6 or 7 weeks the little imps are as tall as they need to be in order to escape the playpen. Now it is time to explore the big livingroom. With a jammed wooden-board in the door they are stopped before entering the big stairway. The board will be removed as soon as the little climb-masters are able to climp over it. Mostly this is the case between the 7th and 8th week. That is the time they are old enough to explore the whole house.

Moving into the new home

With the optimal veterarian care our kitten are allowed to move into their new home with about 14th weeks. They are accompanied by us. Why? So they hear in the 1st hour in their new envirement at least a familiar voice. This way they can explore everything a bit more chilled.

At that time the kitten are dewormed several times as well as vaccinated against rabies, respiratory viral deseases and feline infectious enteritis. At wish they get a microchip.

In their luggage is the pedigree, certificated by our club (KFG e. V.), their vaccination card and an present certificate of health. Further they bring their custom food, a little suprise and an information-summery with a lot of usefull tips for their new humans along.

Bearing and care of an Siberian Cat and Neva Masquarade

Basicly we decline giving our cat-children into a househod with no other cats. Thereunder they would suffer to much, because they life here in a well soziolazied cat-pride with several generations of cats and they would experience lonelyness as quite cruel.

Not even an very intensiv human contact could replace the play- and cuddle-drive with fellows for a long time. This is the reason we basicly give them only to "several-cat-household" or even as double-pack, together with silbings, away. That is the best as they know each other since their birth and are familliar so that the phase of getting known to each other vanishs.

As our cats grow up humanrelated they are not affraid of humans, we will not give them as "free-walk-cats". We think the risk as to high that they will be willing to be touched and taken away by nearly everyone. Not to speak of the danger coming from traffic and hunters.

Our cats are mostly easy to be cared about. Combing once a week is normally enough. The exception is the period of furchanging (spring and autum). That time you should comb them every 2nd day in order to avoid knot-building in the fur.
The tale should only be combed rarely and carefully. To big is the danger for it to lose the glamorous look, because the fur needs a long time to grow there again.

The price of an Siberian Cat or Neva Masquarade

How much costs a cat of this race? This is a question you, as well as many cat-lovers, surely have already asked yourself. Visited a cat-fair or by reading an article in an animal- or catmagazin, many grow the wish to own such a beautyfull animal. In the heat of the moment and with much anticipation many insertions in the internet or in well-known cat-magazines are searched through for the wanted kitty.

Quite fast displeasure and disappointment are growing. You just did not calculate those huge price-immaginations of the breeder. Surely you ask yourself why you have to pay several of hundret euros in order to call such a lovely cat your own. You do not wish to breed, "only" a cat to be loved.

How does it come to such drastic price difference?

There are “breeder and there are “breeder”. On the one side the are the ones that bear there animals on the limit. What do I mean with that? The price of the appropriate bearing is not that low. If you consider the fakt, you can count it on your ten fingers, that on kitten in such “low-priced bargen” is going to saved. They do not get the very importend health care, like for exsample the very importend deworming and vaccinations. In most cases are those cats be feed with “cheap food”. The parents going to be exploited. With other words, if the cat is in heat the next time the male is going to get together with her again (mass breed). The female cat has no time to recover between the litters, wich would be very important for her. Even for a male cat this is no bed of roses, as you might think. If he has heaten ladies in front of his nose all the time he will not eat properly, but the body runs on high by the harmonal stress. Ergo: both, female and male cat, soon will healthy be on the edge. They were abused till they are at the end. That out of those matings are not coming healthy surly makes sense to you.

Let us play the thought through, you have a meeting with such a breeder in order to buy a kitten. You see the kittens, maybe its mum and dad (as long as they are not held in kennels). Those kitten don´t look very healthy, maybe they are quite small for their age. Now your protective instinct is coming and you think: “at last, I must help one of those kitten, so I must buy it.” But you should think on one thing, if you buy one. You only make space for another kitten from the next litter, which may be on its way or even is already born and held behind closed doors. Normaly, the kitten from those breedings are 7 – 8 weeks old. This giving-away-age is much too early for the small ones, because the socializing by the mother is not over yet. Not to think of the important veterinary care. Your baby-cat is as likely as not ill and you will spend long weeks worring in running to the vetenarian. If you are lucky, your little sweetheart survives this time. But these initial deficits will acompany him for his whole life. And you will pay a high prise for that. Besids the alltime veterinarian bills, the constand worry for your cuty.

What do you expect from a kitten from our catterie?

Let us summarize.

You can expect from your family-member from our catterie that it…

·         is healthy

·         is well socialized

·         knows all sounds of an household

·         has all important imunisations

·         has a vaccination card

·         is dewormed

·         has, if you wish, a microship

·         has a pedigree

·         has a present health certificate

·         has package of food for the first days and a little surprise

·         has a map with many usefull infomrations

·         may move to you from the 14th week of life and can get up to 20 years

·         to round it all up, it will bring a CD with many pictures of the first week of its life with him

What costs a kitten from our catterie?

This question is at the beginning surely very important for you.

A sibirian cat for lovers you get from us from 650,00 Euro

A sibirian cat for breeders you get from us from 800,00 Euro

A Neva Masquarade for lovers you get from us from 700,00 Euro

A Neva Masquarade for breeders you get from us from 900,00 Euro

Older youngpets we give away partly a little bit cheaper. Just ask us.

What do you have to do in order to get a kitten from breeding?

In fact not much. You contact us with

·         Tel.: 06431 – 44037 oder

·         Email:

We make up a meeting for test-cudeling and getting to know each other. At your visit we advise depending from character and temper of the babies, which one fits to which family. Also you have the possibility to get to know our catterie closer and to look how your kitten was brought up and is held. Now it maybe time, you fell in love with a baby-cat from our catterie. What now? You sing a contract of sale and make a deposit of 250,- €. With that, your baby is strictly reserved for you. In the time your cutie still lives with us we hold constant and inform you about the development (even with pictures).

Your cat-of-dreams is not here yet and you want a kitten from our catterie? No problem. You can, as shown above, contact us. We will contact you as soon as the babies are born. You will get several pictures of our sweeties. Is your desired kitten among them, we will put you on our list of interested parties till your baby is old enough for your visit.

Although after your kitten has moved to you I will be available for all coming up questions. You can, of course, phone or mail me every time. Maybe to tell me a nice anecdote. Of course we are very happy about new pictures and we like to put them on our homepage.